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Yesterday's Special Guest Villian...Simon Cowell?

If you were watching 60 Minutes last night, you caught a bizarre end to an interview with Simon Cowell. In it, Simon takes an IndyCar around Las Vegas Motor Speedway and is then "judged" by Mario Andretti, Michael Waltrip and Kurt Busch. In case you missed it, here's the highlights:

--60 Minutes mistakenly picked up audio of Mario telling Michael Waltrip, "Shouldn't you be doing something right now for your team? Your brand NEW team? You know, your brand NEW team with a brand NEW manufacturer?", followed by Michael responding, "Don't worry, I got the team GELLING as we speak."

--Simon was oddly silent about Michael Waltrip's obscure 1989 release, "Country Time with Mikey and the Bahari Boys".

--Brian Dunkleman? Pinko Commie. And a HECK of a crew chief, incidentally.

--When Cowell sarcastically suggested that Kurt Busch take a voice test for a recording career, Busch responded harshly, with "I don't want to take your gay-ass voice test."

--Not surprisingly, the drivers fell into some familiar roles when discussing Cowell's on-track performance:

Kurt Busch: "Yo, dawg, I just wasn't feelin' it, man. I mean, you were all over the place, your splits were worse than Champ Car and IRL's...just not your best work, dawg.

Michael Waltrip: "Well, I love your spirit, you have a great personality, but not your best work today. And if YOU like your car to get the best work possible, take it to Napa. Napa--Get the Good Stuff."

Mario Andretti: (sounding very philosophical) "I'd like to criticize you for your driving ability, but there's one thing we should all be criticized for. Check your tires."


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