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The Outside Groove regularly attracts over 150 vistors per day, and is the only Nascar-specific humor website to be updated nightly. As an advertiser on The Outside Groove, you can be guarenteed a high-impact to our regular readers, most of whom include The Outside Groove as a bookmark. Additionally, with our recent alliance with, The Outside Groove is now attracting new visitors from one of the most popular Nascar news websites. The Outside Groove provided the best targeted advertising and bang for your buck around.

The Outside Groove offers three plans for advertisers--
Basic Plan:
As a basic plan member, you'll get your logo and link placed directly below my advertisements for Google Adsense. This is where the "Advertise!" button you clicked on is currently located. This is available at $25 for 30-day increments. For less than a dollar a day, you can reach over 150 Nascar fans with your message.

Sampler Plan:
The Sampler Plan includes all the amenities listed above, but at a shorter rate (and lower cost) for those looking to try out The Outside Groove. For just $10 you will have your logo and link on The Outside Groove for a 7-day period of your choice. A great plan for those looking for a bargain option.

Title Sponsor Plan:
As Title Sponsor, The Outside Groove will be renamed in your company's title: "Your Company Presents The Outside Groove". In addition, you will have a button and link at the top and bottom of every page of the website. All of this is available for just $50 a month.

Payments can be made through PayPal with any credit card. Email me at for more information or to apply!


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