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Questions Without Answers

As a longtime Nascar fan (well, since '92), I'm usually able to figure out why certain things are as they are. Sometimes, though, I find a question that I simply cannot answer. That's where YOU, the semi-loyal reader comes in. Please, give me some answers to the following questions:

1. Whatever happened to Loy Allen Jr., Chuck Bown, Billy Standridge, Gary Bradberry, and Patty Moise?

2. Why is Wayman Stricklin nicknamed "Hut"?

3. Did anyone else see the Nascar-themed episode of "Malcolm & Eddie"?

4. If Michael Waltrip really did put jet fuel in his engine, and STP really does contain jet fuel, then didn't Richard Petty promote contraband all those years?

5. How come a man, married twice (both models) is called gay?

6. If Nascar fans think that dates should be given back to North Wilkesboro and Rockingham, should NFL fans lobby to put franchises back in Frankfort, Pottsville, and Oorang?

7. Is it possible to wear a jacket that says "DALE earnhardt jr." instaed of "BUD king of beers" without looking like a gigantic dork?


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. They're in a bunker somewhere with Tommy Ellis, Larry Pearson, Chad Chaffin, Brett Bodine, and Dick Cheney.

2. Would YOU willingly go by the name "Wayman"?

3. No, but I did see the "Malcolm & Eddie" themed episode of Trackside. Darrell Waltrip kept insisting that he be called "the guy who was Theo."

4. No, but Scott Weiland, Robert and Dean Deleo, and Eric Kretz were.

5. Because one of the models was Fabio.

6. No, they should look for franchises to return to Frankfort, Pottsville, and La Rue.

7. Not when you're the giant dork that normally wears the jacket that says "BUD King of Beers."

- Paulie


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