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California "News" and Notes

Mike Skinner's analysis of his team's runs at California before his win this weekend--"We sucked here". That's why they call him the great communicator.

Michael Waltrip failed to qualify for Sunday's race when David Reutimann knocked him out of the field. Expect Reutimann to be rewarded with a paid leave of absence.

On the flip side, Johnny Sauter continues his surprising run, qualifying again. Wow, put two guys fired from RCR together, and magic happens. Hope you're listening, Robby Gordon and Steve Park.

For the past few years this race's sponsor has been "Auto Club". Is it just me, or does "Auto Club 500" sound incredibly fake? Like the kind of race a sitcom family would go to see? "Hey dad, don't forget the tickets to the Auto Club 500!"

In honor of LA-based Fox Sports' Nascar coverage, the famous Hollywood sign will be changed to pre-race host Jeff Hammond's nickname.

2:1 Jeff Gordon will have to explain how he claims both California and Indiana as his home state (hey, Jeff, it happens--I claim THREE)
9:2 After this week's complaints about the size of the Shell logo on the 29, the continuing debate over Cingular/AT&T on the 31, and the morality of having Jack Daniels on the 07, Richard Childress will just run a bunch of blank cars.
40:1 John Andretti will somehow find a way to run for Rookie of the Year.


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

robby did not get fired he left to start his own team. Actually RC wanted him back.


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