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Breaking News: Harvick Passes Inspection

In a move that has shocked the racing world, Nascar has announced that 2007 Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick has passed through the post-race inspection process.
"This comes as a total shock to all of us", explained teammate and rules guru Jeff Burton. "Its just been so rare lately to see a car make it through inspection without incident, you're surprised to see it happen."
Car owner Richard Childress was unable to explain his car's compliant condition.
"We worked hard all week to make sure we were all square and legal", said Childress, "but its still a real surprise to have this not happen. We don't know who's responsible yet, but to be safe we're putting the whole team on a 6-day leave of absence from racing with pay."
Nascar spokesman Jim Hunter were quick to call a press conference explaining the non-ruling.
"We're sending a message here--follow the rules, and you will not be punished. The only thing we found wrong with the car was a badly dislodged rear-view mirror."
Harvick himself was contrite but respectful once reached for comment.
"Once I found out that we had passed inspection, I thought about leaving the track and going home. Then I realized that the race had ended hours ago, so I did."
2nd-place finisher Mark Martin was unavailable for comment, as he was busy wrapping himself in layers upon layers of yellow flags.


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