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Michael Waltrip: Caught!

The Nascar world was abuzz today about one thing--Mark Martin's announcement that he will drive for 18 different teams this season. Some people, however, were focusing on other news: Michael Waltrip's massive punishment for cheating. Here's some highlights and lowlights of the story:

--Michael is fined 100 driver points, while his owner, wife Buffy, was fined 100 owners points. Reportedly Michael attempted to transfer the crew chief position to his dog, Country Time, but was unable to in time.

--Speaking of which, Michael's actual crew chief, David Hyder, has been suspended indefinitely. This immediately puts Waltrip along with Matt Kenseth and the Evernham cars as favorites to win the Daytona 500 and the Nextel Cup Championship.

--Waltrip Racing VP of Competition Bobby Kennedy was also suspended indefinitely. In a brief statement, Kennedy defended himself, stating "Some see Toyotas running slow and say, 'why'? I see a Vaseline-like substance and say 'why not'?"

--ESPN provided extensive coverage on the controversy. Here's what I was able to ascertain from it:
1. Rusty Wallace is a HUGE advocate for all drivers not from South Bend Indiana. He's like Michael Irvin without the crack problem.
2. Boris Said looks hilarious in a suit.
3. Marty Smith looks hilarious in a suit.

--Toyota was dealt a major blow in their attempt to ingratiate themselves to the Nascar faithful. Many Nascar fans were disappointed with the foreign automaker, such as fan Christina Salem, who said "...this is the worst thing Japan has ever done to us."

--Michael WILL be able to drive in the Gatorade Duels. So it keeps my ultimate hopes alive--that Michael Waltrip will be beaten in a race by a 72-year-old man.


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