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And the Last-Place Driver in the 2007 Points Race Will Be...


Mr. Boys (yes, that's his real name) is attempting the full 2007 schedule...or so he says. But who is this mysterious driver? Lets take a look:

--Trevor hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada. He's being billed as the worst there was, the worst there is, and the worst there ever will be.

--Trevor is also billed on his website as "Nascar's longest-running Canadian", which is a little like me billing myself as "The Most Influential Person in Nascar from Newark, Delaware."

--Boys' crew chief is Cicero Scott, cousin of NBA coach Byron Scott. No word yet on if Jason Kidd will try to get Cicero fired by the end of the season.

--Scott is also being billed as Nascar's 2nd African-American crew chief, following in the footsteps of Lucius Washington.

--Trevor's last Cup race was in 1993. Look for The Spin Doctors and flannel shirts to make a comeback later this year.

--Boys has a son in racing named...Wheeler. Look out, Wheeler--Tom Cruise is going to fake to the bottom!

--The team is owned by Trevor Boys and Eddie Kucharski. And its called H&K Motorsports. Makes TOTAL sense.


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