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Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Finally Meet Joe Gibbs

After years of putting it off, trying, and worrying, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has said that this weekend, at California, he will finally talk to his boyhood hero, Joe Gibbs.
"Man, I've been waiting for this my whole life!", a visibly shaking Junior said. "I mean, I grew up watching those great teams of the 80's that Mr. Gibbs coached. Do you think I should call him Mr. Gibbs? Or Coach Gibbs? Maybe just Coach. Nah, Mr. Gibbs is best."
Junior, a longtime fan of the Redskins, first heard that Gibbs would be at the track on Monday afternoon. He immediately began running through things to talk about.
"I'd love to talk to him about the Super Bowls and stuff, but he probably gets that all the time. I should probably play it cool and just ask him what he thinks the 'Skins will do in 2007. Wait, he probably gets that all the time too. I REALLY want to ask him what he thinks about Art Monk getting robbed by the Hall of Fame again, but I don't want to start things out on a downer."
When pressed, Junior explained that he has had opportunities to meet the coach before, but, in his words, "chickened out".
When I was like 14, Mr. Gibbs--man, maybe i SHOULD go with Coach Gibbs--was at Rockingham with Interstate Batteries, and talked some with my dad. Dad motioned for me to come over, but I was so scared--I mean, its Joe freakin' Gibbs! I hope he doesn't remember me for that.
"Then back in 2003, he was doing some sort of publicity tour with Wix Filters, and he came by Dover Downs through the pits. I would've gone up to him then, but this guy on my team wouldn't stop yakking my ear off. Something about starting his own team and using an octane booster."
Junior plans to "bump in" to Gibbs on Saturday afternoon. He swears he won't back down this time.
"If I don't meet up with him this time, I'll never forgive myself! I just gotta figure out if I should wear the Joe Theismann throwback, or the new Clinton Portis jersey I got for Christmas."


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