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Get to Know a Rookie

Today, The Outside Groove continues its on-again, off-again look at the rookie drivers of the 2007 Car of This Evening season.

David Reutimann

Number: 00--I don't know about you guys, but when I think about a driver's potential fully realized, I think of Buckshot Jones.

Sponsors: Domino's and Burger King. Yeah, its a drag having to do appearances with "The King", Burger King's goofy mascot, but David's REAL fear is that his other sponsor will bring back The Noid.

Owner: Michael Waltrip Racing. OK, I know that Mikey's having enough problems as it is, but I'm going to say it--has anyone else noticed how much the MWR logo looks like that of the Wu-Tang Clan?

Previous Racing Experience: David was born in Zephyrhills, Florida, where they apparently build big hills out of zephyrs. He started his racing career in the now-defuct Slim Jim All-Pro Series, where he was subject to daily questions about whether or not he needed a little excitement.* David's big break came when he was signed by Joe Nemechek to drive his Geico-sponsored car (and no, he didn't get to meet the cavemen). Shortly afterwards, he signed with Darrell Waltrip's bearing-backed team in the Truck Series. Three years later, after a long, arduous, and ultimately grueling interview process, he moved up to Cup with Darrell's brother.

Personal Life: David lives with his wife and daughter in Terrell, North Carolina--a town whose name he still does not know how to pronounce.

Fun Fact: Despite his name, David does NOT work for Roto-Rooter.



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