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Chip Ganssi Racing with Fallout So Be It

Sunday's Busch race in Mexico ended in controversial fashion, with Juan Pablo Montoya winning his first stock car race after spinning out teammate Scott Pruett. Here's a look at what has transpired since:

--According to Scott Pruett, here was the schedule at Chip Ganassi Racing the day before the race:
9am: Talk about it
10am: Talk about it
11am: Talk about it
12pm: Light lunch
12:30pm: Talk about it

--Many people were surprised at Scott's "Simon Cowell" hand gestures after the race. Turns out that audio was cut on Pruett's preceding statement: "I wish I had four I could give that wreck four thumbs DOWN! The team's gone BAD Juan Montoya!"

--Pruett's co-owner*, Felix Sabates, was furious at the end of the race with Felix Sabates, co-owner of Montoya's car. As a result, Sabates plans to protest Sabates with an all-black "protest" car, followed by a series of bizarre interviews. You know, the usual.

--Off-air, Pruett called Montoya's attempted pass a "horseshit rookie mistake". However, he was even angrier that his team didn't do "diddly-poo in the pits".

--If this had happened in F1, Montoya would've been immediately black-flagged, docked 20 drivers points, and suspended for two races. How DARE he try to create drama!

--All in all, most fans reacted the same way that I did after the race: "Damn, Juan Pablo's got a hot wife!"

*From what I understand, Felix only owns a small percentage of the team. In all other scenarios, he wouldn't be a "co-owner", but then again, it would be too awkward for TV to refer to Felix Sabates as a "minority owner".


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