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Why is Robby Gordon Running an All Black Car?

--Harrah's decided at the last minute to spend their money elsewhere. I mean, who connects Las Vegas and gambling, right?

--Car was supposed to have a "totally rad flame job", but the airbrush guy took too much "medicine" and got lost in the desert.

--He's promoting the re-re-release of Spinal Tap's "Black" album.

--Was supposed to be sponsored by Menards, but John Menard realized he has no stores in Las Vegas...and that Robby isn't related to him.

--Protesting Nascar's decision to not let him run a number 777 car.

--Got into a little trouble with Sterling Marlin's sponsors. "Say, that's a nice paint job you got there, Robby-boy. Be a shaaame if something happened to it."

--Oh, the car has a sponsor on it. Yeah, it does? Haven't you ever heard of Jim Beam Black?


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know what happened. I have a crazy theory that it might be red bull as their toyota program is sucking big time

At 11:00 AM, Blogger theStewartFan said...

I got news that his corp sponsor is going through a buyout, and that's why the car was black. It seemed to enhance his already advanced skill at hitting other drivers less than ten laps into the race.


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