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Las Vegas "News" and Notes

Wax statues of Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are being added to Madame Tussauds this weekend. And no--that lifelike statue of Ryan Newman isn't always there--that's actually him.

Magic Johnson will be serving as the honorary crew chief for David Green on Sunday to promote a new charity initiative. Don't be surprised if Magic is joined midway through the race by Tommy Davidson.

In a related story, wrestler Bill Goldberg joins Greg Biffle's crew this week to promote his new television show. So if you're keeping track at home, that makes two, count 'em, TWO Jews involved in Nascar.

Even though the season is only two races old, speculation has already centered on a Cup contender--namely, will Mark Martin really step out of his ride at Bristol. Of course he will! Mark's scheduled to sign autographs at his concession trailer from 1-3pm on race Sunday--you don't think he'd lie to a licensing firm, do you?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be "joining the SpeedFreaks" according to a press release. Wait for it. I guess that means--wait for it--that's he's getting back together with Shane Hmiel. BAM!

3:1 Mark Martin will respond to a question about Bristol with "Have I lied to you before?"
10:1 "Elvis Pressley" will be in the crowd.
200:1 Robert Pressley will be in the pits.


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