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Riley-D'Hondt: "Uh, we're still here"

Upstart Busch Series team Riley-D'Hondt Motorsports issued a statement today, explaining that despite not attempting any races so far, they are still in existence.
"Uh, we're still here", said co-owner Eddie D'Hondt. "You know, I wasn't reading a lot about us lately, but yeah, we're still, you know, here."
D'Hondt went on to explain that the team is planning to attempt 10 Busch Series races ("you know, like we said we were gonna") with a driver. When asked if it was David Green, D'Hondt said "Well, yeah, I mean, if David isn't doing anything else those Saturdays...I've been meaning to call him anyways."
The team's "Still Standing, Not Moving", or "SSNM" press release is a rather standard operating procedure in racing. Its similar to the 72 team's "No, we're not out of business" weekly bulletin, BAM Racing's "No, seriously, we have a sponsor" flyer, and The Third Yates Car Gazette.
D'Hondt, who appeared surprised by the questioning, also said that Marc Goosens will "still, probably" race in a select few Cup races.
"Goose and I are putting something together. You know, its done, but its not done. We're there, or something like that."


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