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Scene from the GM Marketing Office in Detroit

GM Marketing Director: (frustrated) "I just don't get it! We're running two concurrent ad programs aimed at two distinct markets, and neither of them are doing anything! Sales are flat, people are complaining...I just don't--"

GM Marketing Assistant (looking scared) "Uh, boss? I-I have that report you wanted on the two ad cam-campaigns."

Director: "Wow, that was quick--so what did you find? Why aren't our ads resonating with the public?"

Assistant: "Well, its a real funny story actually--you see, re-remember when you said to put the John Mellencamp Americana ads on the Nascar races, and-and the commercials with all the rappers on the March Madness broadcasts?

Director: "Yessss..."

Assistant: "Well, wouldn't you know it...someone switched 'em by mistake! Hah! Is-isn't that funny, boss?"

Director: "That's it--I'm going to Delorean."


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