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Get to Know a Rookie

Today, The Outside Groove continues its now and again look at the rookie drivers of the 2007 Nextel Cup season, The Andy Petree Experience.

Paul Menard

Number: 15--Lets see--famous on-track success...leeching off the Earnhardts...sounds like Michael Waltrip to me!

Sponsors: Menard's, plus a bunch of stuff they sell. This is called "Contingency Marketing" and is also used by such sponsors as Target and Dollar General to promote both their store and their selection. FINALLY I use my marketing degree.

Owner: DEI. "Really? Paul Menard and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are teammates? Huh--I had no idea."

Previous Racing Experience: Paul grew up on the mean streets of Eau Claire, cutting his teeth on the ultra-popular, high-pressure Ice Racing circuit. He began his transition to non-water based surfaces in 2000, running an ABC (ARCA-Busch-Challenge) schedule. In 2003 Menard moved on to Andy Petree Racing, where Kenny Wallace's maniacal laugh haunted the race shop at night. Leaving quickly, he settled at DEI, while DEI settled for him. Last year he notched his first Busch Series win, proving that yes, winning in the Busch Series is usually a GOOD thing to do before you move on to Cup (David Stremme, I'm looking in your direction).

Personal Life: Not much is known about Paul's personal life, though judging by his facial hair, I'd say that he's been to his fair share of Dave Mathews concerts.

Fun Fact: Paul started his racing career by finally working up the courage to say "What I'd really like dad is to borrow the car keys. Seeya later, can I have them please."


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