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Where's Trevor Boys?

Earlier this year, I picked Trevor Boys to finish last in the Nascar Nextel Cup points standings. To date he's done so, but by not competing in any race so far. This ties him with such luminaries as Greg Sacks, Mark Green, and Jeremy Mayfield. But why AREN'T the Boys back in town? Lets take a look:

--Come on, the dude's from Canada. YOU try naming your sponsors in an interview in two languages.

--He hasn't competed in Nascar since 1993, back when Dale Earnhardt was champion, Jeff Gordon was a rookie, and everyone was crazy about a young man named Loy Allen Jr.

--He's been trying desperately to get Nascar to award one point for every Rouge*.

--Trevor's worried what effect the move would have on his son Wheeler, and his other children Cole, Rowdy, and Harry.

--That big back bacon sponsorship fell through.

--He tried to drive the car onto the ice for a Calgary Flames game.

--Truth is, its probably just a total lack of funding. Rumor has it that a major celebrity is looking into buying the team though...check back tomorrow for more.

*--This joke courtesy of me, a genuine Baltimore Stallions fan.


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Technically, Michael Waltrip's -27 points puts him LOWER in the point standings than Trevor Boys and his zero points.

At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trevor Boys was asked to be a second for Dale Earnhardt back in the day and you forgot to mention his daughter when you listed his children.


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