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Michael Jackson to Join Boys

In a move that has shocked the Nascar, music, and business worlds, Michael Jackson has announced that he will be purchasing a majority stake in H&K Motorsports, featuring driver Trevor Boys.
Jackson, who has been out of the country for the past two years, issued a statement from his current home in Bahrain.
"While its true that I've become interested in the devilish speed of Nascar, I wasn't interesting in buying a team until last week. That's when I met Boys. I love Boys. I loved meeting Boys. Boys made me happy. I saw my whole life ahead of me in Boys."
Jackson also intimated that he may return to the United States, perhaps even the Charlotte area, to improve the team's chances.
"I want to spend more time with Boys. I'd love to move in with Boys. Boys will be my life. All Boys, all the time."
Jackson, a notorious big-spender, has already brought in a multi-million dollar sponsor in his own line of religious-themed drinks, Jesus Juice. He has also pledged to attend next week's race at Martinsville, saying that he "...loves all the rubba-rubba on the track."
Jackson also believes he can help the team in more ways than money, such as helping the team adjust to the new nose.
"Listen, when people look back on my life, I don't want them to just think about music. When then think about Michael Jackson, I want them to think of one word--Boys."
It remains to be seen if Jackson will qualify for Nascar's Drive for Diversity.


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