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Kyle Busch--A Life that has Sucked

Age 2--Kyle Busch says his first words: "Mommy sucked."

Age 4--Kyle has his first day of school: "Teacher give us sucked."

Age 8--Kyle drives a go-kart for the first time: "Wooooh--that was really fast! sucked."

Age 11--Kyle wins the North Las Vegas Middle School Geography Bee: "Czechoslovakia? I win! I finally won! sucked."

Age 14--Kyle's first kiss: "Wow, Lisa, that was sucked."

Age 16--Kyle gets thrown out of Fontana: "Man, that sucked."

Age 18--Kyle makes his Nascar debut: "After all these years of trying, I can finally say I made sucked."

Age 20--Kyle gets his first vacuum cleaner: "It sucked."


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Stephen said...

That comment was one of the funniest post-race comments I've ever heard. :)


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