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Bristol "News" and Notes

Good news, everybody--on Saturday the 24th, the Car of Tomorrow will quite literally be the Car of Tomorrow.

A.J. Allmendinger and Jeremy Mayfield both made their first race of the season today. For A.J., its also the first Nascar race of his career, while for Jeremy, its also the first race driving for a company that sells pain medication AND exhaust products.

On the flip-side, Michael Waltrip missed his fourth consecutive race after failing to qualify. About the only positive to come out of this is that we can be sure that he's no longer cheating.

Following the lead of Jack Roush, Ray Evernham has been talking to George Gillett Jr., owner of the Montreal Canadiens. OK, Ray, the money will help. But if this means ONE MORE ugly NHL special paint scheme, JUST ONE MORE, its over!

Following Jimmie Johnson's win last week, Chevy has the chance to get its 600th Cup win at Bristol on Sunday. Of course, by the time they hit 700 wins, it will be known as Chevy-Kia, a Division of Nissan Corp.

3:1 Fox will SERIOUSLY overdo the opening "fight montage".
6:1 The race will end under Green-White-Checkers, or, as it is on a short track, Gre--oh, caution on the track.
200:1 Robby Gordon will finish the race with a clean smooth race car.


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